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Saturday, 30 March 2013

dressed in black from head to toe, we've got guns sitting under our petticoats..

coat - ebay
scarf - johnstons of elgin
leggings - h&m
high tops - topshop
tshirt - topshop
homies beanie - ebay

hello pretties.. hope everyones enjoying the weeeeeeekend. i had to get wrapped up warm today to go and watch the boyfriend play football so i took it as the perfect opportunity to wear my new knock-off zara coat. i got this bad boy on ebay after missing out on the real thing, to be honest i'm glad i didn't buy the zara version as this one only cost around £25. i was obviously digging the leather look today with my gloves and leggings to match..

i'm turning into a bit of an ebay addict, i keep finding myself searching for dupes of everything to see if i can grab myself a bargain. i love reading blogs that dedicate posts to the latest ebay bargains and i'm thinking about doing something similar myself! let me know if you'd like me to link any of my ebay buys and i'll do my best to find them :)


Friday, 29 March 2013

it girl

tshirt - mango
blazer - matalan
skirt - h&m
belt - primark
necklace - primark
watch - michael kors
boots - primark

WOW i need my hair dyed! the worst part of being a blonde is definitely those bad boy roots.. euuuughh! todays post is all about my new 'it girl' tshirt from mango.. i didn't actually own any mango clothes at all and this caught my eye as soon as i spotted it! i looooove a white tshirt. i've worn it here with my crazy bright blazer and a simple skirt but i think its the kind of thing i'd wear with absolutely anything and everything.

i'm off to spend my friday night in the gym (as soon as coronation street finishes).. crazy life, i know! 


Thursday, 28 March 2013

a touch of sunshine

shirt - primark 
jeans - new look
trainers - nike
watch - michael kors
necklace - primark

i jumped at the chance to get some photos outside today because there was FINALLY a tiny bit of sunshine (squinty eyes alert), on the flip side of things my camera had no battery and we were just about to leave the house so i had to use my phone for the photos.. not cool.

as i said i've bought loads of new clothes recently and this is one of my favourites. i was desperate to get my hands on a similar topshop shirt for ages, so when i found this dupe in primark for just £12 i had to have it. i've been a bit of a primark junkie recently, one, because i cant afford to go anywhere else! and two, because the clothes in store right now are too good not to buy. 

has anyone else got the primark fever just now, or is it just me and my empty purse...?


Tuesday, 26 March 2013

there's not much i dont want at the moment...

there's not much i dont want at the moment...

i'm going through a phase that i just want to spend every last penny on clothes.. these are SOME of the items i'd have if money was no issue (actually, lets be fair - if money was no issue there would be a lot more celine, balmain, hermes, alexander wang etc in here)... 


the rolling stones

faux fur stole - dorothy perkins
baseball top - amplified
jeans - republic
high tops - topshop

hey pretties.. how are we? i'm spending a day off work cleaning my room and selling my old clothes on ebay... fun times!

i wore this the other day for lunch with james.. i am LOVING this baseball style top and any other sports style clothing at the moment. the fact that it has the rolling stones on it is just an added bonus :), i've been on the hunt for jeans this colour for ages, and i finally found these ones for just £15 in republic. i seem to wear all of my jeans rolled up slightly and i can't break the habit  - i purposely bought these in a 34 inch leg so they were super long but i still rolled them up! oops. 


Monday, 25 March 2013

leopard love

pinafore - river island
t-shirt - topshop
belt - primark
shoes - topshop
arm cuff - miss selfridge
watch - michael kors

so here it is.. pinafore round 2! i knew i'd be snapping myself wearing this again soon. i wore it on saturday night along with this cute tee from topshop that i've seen all over the blogosphere, you cant see it that clearly in the pictures but it has two leopards on it which matched my leopard print heels perfectly! i'm always wary of leopard print overload but i think here and there it looks amazing. 

i've got my hands on loads of new bits and pieces recently so expect loads of new clothes appearing in my posts soon! i'm soo happy to see the shops full of summery clothes again, its a shame the weather is still in full autumn/winter mode!


Friday, 15 March 2013

not so 'nasty'gal

hi lovelies! sorry i've been pretty MIA this last week, nothing exciting has happened at all and i've had nothing to blog about!

i recently wore a 'nasty gal' dress out for a friends birthday, but unfortunately half way through the night the chains on the dress snapped and i was left next to naked - uh ohhh! anyway, i emailed nastygal explaining how much of a disaster the dress had been and was pleasantly surprised when they replied with the best customer service ever! nastygal emailed explaining how sorry they were as well as crediting me with £100 in my online account - WHAT.A.BONUS!

i love nasty gal and i'm always checking out the website (, they always have cool clothing that you wouldnt really get anywhere else and the prices are pretty good too! i totally recommend the website and my teeny tiny dress hitch hasn't put me off at all.. here are my current favourites from nastygal :)

nasty gal wishlist

Sunday, 10 March 2013


top - vero moda
leggings - new look
hi tops - topshop
cross necklace/bracelet - topshop

so i FINALLY landed myself  a pair of wedge hi-tops, i've been banging on about them forever and thought it was time to take the plunge and buy a pair.. better late than never! 

i wore this yesterday to go out for lunch then to watch my boyfriend play football - i piled on the layers in time for the football but it was still FREEZING. i'm in love with this top that i picked up from vero moda the other day, i do like an oversized tee and the neon colour on this top caught my eye straight away.  plus it matches my fave lipstick,  MAC 'party parrot' perfectly :) win win win

i hope everyones had a nice day, i've been out for cocktails with my mum to celebrate mothers day and we're heading out for a family dinner tonight :)


Thursday, 7 March 2013

family dinner

jumper - zara
shirt - new look
skirt - h&m
boots - topshop
necklace h&m

hey lovelies :) i wore this out to dinner with the family the other night, we went to a nice wee place we'd never been before and i managed to set fire to my napkin and my dad had to grab it off me while i screamed the place down, my bad! 


Monday, 4 March 2013


beanie - ebay
chanhell tee - empty casket
shirt - topshop
disco pants - american apparel
nike blazers - asos

okay so this isn't actually 'what i wore today' but my boring work outfit doesn't make the cut and i've a few outfits to share from the last few days, so expect more delayed posts!

i ordered this brian lichtenberg style homies beanie off ebay and it came the next day, which is amazing! for one, i live in a location where next day deliver does not exist and two, the expected delivery date was mid march. i cant get enough of beanies just now and my collection is rapidly growing. my mum insisted that my dog reilly was involved in these pictures so here we are, me and my lil homie. 

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