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Monday, 29 April 2013

haulin' #1

hey hey! I've seen lots of posts going around about what people have been purchasing and as I recently went on a super haul I thought I'd give it a go myself :) enjoyyyyy!

printed midi  - republic

denim dress - h&m

purple knit - h&m

floral trousers - h&m

tan clutch - topshop

joni jeans - topshop

wrap top - topshop

neon shirt - forever 21

lilac jeans - forever 21

stripe jeans - forever 21

tan sandals - new look

white jeans - zara

blue skirt shorts - zara

tan heels - topshop

stripe skirt - boohoo

floral trousers - boohoo

mesh sleeve top - boohoo

beyonce tour tshirt

white converse - bank 

I really need to work on my blogging skills and figure out how to make this type of post look nice and not as lengthy, but I'm absolutely useless! 

As you can see I was on a mission to find some new summer jeans/trousers - my favourites being the white zara jeans that i finally chose after trying on every pair of white jeans in birmingham. I decided I was obsessed with the colour lilac as soon as I seen these forever 21 jeans, so hopefully I can get my hands on more lilac bits! I can't quite believe the 'skort' is back, it was a childhood favourite so I've been desperate to snap up this zara baby for ages, and its my favourite colour ever. when I was over in america at christmas I spotted a similar neon yellow shirt to this forever 21 version, but when I went back to get it it was gone - so obviously as soon as i seen this one i threw it in my shopping basket without a second thought! I have been in need of a new pair of white converse for a long time, mine are so past it! so it will be nice to rock a fresh pair. i've included my fangirl beyonce tshirt that i HAD to have - i want to remember that night foreverrrr!

i wont say much more as i'm sure loads of these items will be appearing on the blog sooner rather than later.. goodnight :)



hey lovelies - long time no... blog? I've been super busy lately and haven't had a minute to look near a computer, so I've spent my morning catching up on my favourite blogs and online stores. not a bad way to spend a monday :)!

this weekend i was lucky enough to attend the mrs carter show at the LG arena, birmingham. I only have one word to describe Beyonce live, and that is - AMAZING. my mum got me tickets for my birthday so we flew to b'ham for the weekend for shopping and the concert, it was awesome to get away and beyonce was worth every single penny! heres some snaps from the weekend...

yellow knit - h&m
skirt - topshop
hi tops - topshop
watch - michael kors
necklace - new look

on saturday we set off to the bullring, where i took full advantage and bought EVERYTHING. here in aberdeen the shopping centres don't come close to it, so i was truly in my element! i may do a 'what i bought' post about my shopping trip if thats of interest to anyone. 

i've got another busy week ahead including a wedding and weekend of parties, but hopefully i'll be able to make some posts when i get the chance! have a nice week everyone :)


Monday, 15 April 2013

wishlist #1

weekly wishlist #1

phillies top - ebay
joni jeans - topshop
tan heels - topshop
white a-line skirt - topshop
bowler bag - river island
neon embellished top - topshop
oriental print jacket - river island
nike air max -
fringed bag - river island
orange cami - topshop

when i checked my bank balance this morning i was less than impressed - so obviously the best way to make myself feel better was browsing the internet for new summer clobber.. NOT!

this wishlist sums me up perfectly - indecisive! its a complete mix up of styles that i love but nothing that i'd really team together! my #1 priority buy from this is the topshop loud heels, they are unbelievable and i NEED a perfect pair of tan heels for the summer. i'm a big fan of bright clothing and neon colours, especially after spending the last few months of my life wearing black. the river island oriental style jacket isn't something i'd usually go for but i saw a picture of kim kardashian wearing a similar style and it made her otherwise boring outfit look amazing. finally.. never did i see the day i'd be interested in a pair of nike air max but i just cant shake off the idea - they are awesome! 


Sunday, 14 April 2013

birthday celebrations

charlotte, hannah, rachel, emma, me, broghan, hayley, megan

dress - topshop
belt - primark
boots - topshop
necklace - new look
watch - michael kors
ankle cuffs - ebay

wow... i am hungover! last night got crayyyyy. luckily i managed to snap these pictures before we all got stupidly drunk! 

anyway, meet my new favourite dress :) its a topshop number and it has a  cut out at the back but i stupidly forgot to get a photo of that... ooops! green is proving to be my new favourite colour and my wardrobe has been filling up with loads of green things recently. i picked up this belt for £3 in primark after ordering a very similar ASOS one that i've now sent back and saved myself £12 - scoooooooop! you can ALMOST tell that i've got pink hair - i used a hair chalk that i got in topshop to colour it and it just washes off in the shower, pretty cool for switching it up when i fancy a change! 

i'm off to eat loads of food and watch rubbish on TV - the perfect way to spend a hangover sunday!


Saturday, 13 April 2013

sporty spice #2

top - h&m
mono leggings - topshop
chain necklace - new look
watch - michael kors
platform trainers - riverisland
sunglasses - rayban

my inner spice girl was well and truly out and on form today - i love these leggings from topshop and paired with last years platform trainers i could give Mel C a run for her money! i picked up this bright yellow top from h&m the other day to add to my rapidly growing neon clothing collection.. i've popped a white crop on underneath cus its slightly see through, overall im digging this outfit from head to toe!

i'm heading out tonight for some birthday celebrations with the girls - ive got a few outfits to choose from so im unsure on what i'll wear but i'll be sure to snap some OOTN photos! i got the enrapture totem styler for my birthday so i'm gonna try and achieve the biggggggest hair that i possibly can :)

have a good saturday everyone..


Wednesday, 10 April 2013

happy birthday to me!

eveningggg, i hope everyones had a nice wednesday?!.. mine was better than usual because i turned the grand old age of 20 today! i was lucky enough to get a new camera from the boy so i couldn't wait to test it out - i'm absolutely useless at photography so bare with me as i get to grips with all the complicated settings!

tshirt - primark
panel leggings - h&m
chain necklace - new look
wedge boots - topshop
watch - michael kors
bag - topshop

i bought this tshirt a while ago after ooh'ing and aah'ing over the similar topshop '86' tee (which i still think about ALL THE TIME, and now its available in blue so i may need a toppers trip), but for just £6 i couldn't help but buy this version. i'm all over the sports trend and i can't wait to get my hands on some more styles - including a miami heat basketball top which i will wear to death as a different approach to the high street styles. i went to a heat game when i was over in florida for new year and now i'm hooked on the NBA. 

if i had any choice i'd have worn a different bag and a different pair of shoes with this outfit, but most of my shoes are in my flat and i'm at home. i've probably said it before but i absolutely hate having my clothes and shoes separated between my two bedrooms.. the right thing is ALWAYS in the wrong place!

anyway thats all from me, i'm heading to bed already - twenty has hit me hard! goodnight :)

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