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Friday, 31 May 2013

it girl #2

tshirt - mango
trousers - h&m
shoes - ebay
necklace - matalan
bag - primark
watch - michael kors
bangles - ebay

Hey hey! I'm all packed up and ready to jet off to cyprus tomorrow morning, I can't wait to just chill out for the next week and do absolutely nothing except drink cocktails and enjoy the sun! 

I snapped these photos quickly today - I've seen these shoes all over the blog world and couldn't help but buy a pair for myself... excellent choice! They are crazy comfy and I'm sure I could strut around in them all day without any sore feet. I've teamed them with my new studded primark bag that I bought for my holidays, my favourite white tee from mango and some h&m printed trousers. I also wanted to mention my new eagle necklace from matalan - I had my eye on the topshop version but when my mum was buying a few buy one get one free pieces in matalan I threw this necklace straight in the basket along with yet another spiked one. Two necklaces for £12 - I like it! 

I'm not likely to be blogging for the next week or so, but I'll be sure to take some outfit pictures and share them with you all when I'm back!

PS: please ignore my shit hairstyle and horrible roots....


Sunday, 26 May 2013


tshirt - sheinside
panel leggings - h&m
platform boots - h&m
chain necklace - new look
watch - michael kors

how cool is this baseball style top from sheinside? I'm all over the sports trend and when I seen this post over on I ordered this top straight away. I love the vertical stripe and the pink numbering on the back makes it that little bit girlier. I'd also like to introduce my new platform boots that my mum absolutely despises (i'm not sorry) - I don't think I'll ever get bored of the monochrome trend so these boots are bound to make plenty of appearances in the future... They're super comfy too so its a win win situation! :)


Saturday, 25 May 2013

blurred lines

jeans - h&m
wrap top - topshop
clutch - matalan
white sandals - primark
heeled sandals - primark
neon necklace - primark
gold necklace - h&m
watch - michael kors

hey hey! How amazing is it to finally see the sun? I've spent the whole day outside and loved every minute of it -Scottish sun doesn't come around very often and when it does I am notttt gonna waste it! Last night I went to my university fashion show which is organised every year by the stage three fashion management students, everyone on the course who was involved did an amazing job pulling everything together and the show was awesome. I've now compiled a mental wishlist of all the clothes that I have to have in my life after seeing them modeled on the catwalk... its huge.

I decided to wear my new neon yellow jeans from h&m, it took me forever to choose what to wear with them but I eventually settled on my trusty topshop wrap top and my matchy neon necklace. I love the colour of these jeans for the summer but i'm absolutely terrified of them fading in the wash. Obviously being as clumsy as I am I managed to spill nandos sauce all over them on their first outing (ooooops), so I'll soon find out if they are gonna keep up their neon brightness. I went shopping first so kept it simple with my white flats then styled it up a bit with my heeled sandals for the show.. 

I've almost reached 100 GFC followers which is absolutely crazy for me, just wanted to say thanks to anyone who ever looks at or comments on my blog - I never thought people would be so interested in my ramblings so every single view means a lot! thank you guys xxx


Thursday, 23 May 2013

blue suede shoes

blazer - h&m
jewel collar top - primark
boyfriend jeans - asos
shoes - zara

hey hey! its SUCH a horrible cold windy day outside today that I had to make do with taking photos inside.. for some reason I'm staring at the floor in all these photos and showing off my horrible roots like theres no tomorrow! 

I wore this out for lunch today - my mum, dad, james and me went out for a champagne lunch at eat on the green and it was AMAZING. I've been desperate to wear these zara shoes for ages now so I jumped at the chance to get a little bit dressed up. As I've mentioned a hundred thousand times before, cobalt blue is my all time favourite colour and I have loooooooads of things I could wear with these. They are actually the first pair of heels I've owned in years that don't have a ridiculous platform - I never thought I'd see the day... 

I'm spending the rest of my day off catching up on the apprentice in bed because its too cold to leave the house - summer needs to get a move on! 


Wednesday, 22 May 2013

new purchases #2

tiger print vest - h&m | white jewel collar top - primark | yellow bikini - h&m | printed bikini - primark | neon bikini - primark | 3 piece necklace - h&m | neon necklace - primark | yellow jeans - h&m | stripe jumper - zara | leopard print tee - zara | white skort - sheinside | white sandals - primark | black sandals - primark

I am always questioning why I never have any money... then I do this kind of post and it all becomes clear. If I had my way I'd have a gazillion more zara pieces in my current wardrobe but my student budget just doesn't stretch that far! I decided to add a clothing rail and 'shoecase' to my bedroom where I'm displaying all my pretty new clothes, I love it - its like having my very own 'new in' section.

Anyway, onto the clothes... As I've mentioned before I'm off on holiday soon so my main mission has been to stock up summery bits and pieces - such as these bikinis and sandals. I'm chuffed I came across the black primark sandals, they are just what I was looking for and only cost £12 which I can't complain about! I had my eye on the yellow h&m bikini as soon as I seen Beyonce wearing it in her new campaign so I stuffed this in my basket the second I seen it. The primark jewel stone top is a substitute for the most amazing zara white quilted tshirt with a jewel neckline that I sadly cannot afford, so the cheapo version has to do for now. I'm loving the colouring on the leopard print tee that I picked up in zara - its so bright and summery, and this striped jumper just happened to fall into my arms as I was paying for it (oops).  Finally, I ordered another skort because I fell so madly in love with my blue one, This one is from sheinside but is almost identical to the zara version at half the price. I'm seriously enjoying white this season so I may go all out and team the skort with a white blazer and my fashion blogger cult shoes - the white platform (soon to be arriving on my doorstep). 

I'm off work for a few days and have lots planned so expect some outfit posts soon. On friday night I'm heading to my uni fashion show that my coursemates have been busy organising this semester (I was on placement so unfortunately I'm not involved :(! ).. If your from the area and fancy a ticket please let me know and I'll pass you on to some of the girls! xxx


Sunday, 19 May 2013

fresh kicks

air max - jd sports
joni jeans - topshop
neon cami - topshop
sunglasses - rayban

so... I finally got me some air max - YAY. I picked these up in JD sports the other day much to my delight and my mothers disgust (she actually hates them).  I wore them for the first time tonight and I think they're officially my new best friends, expect a few more pairs coming my way in the near future. I purposely bought this cami to match as the neon pink and blue goes perfectly, and I thought it'd be a nice top for my upcoming summer holibobs :) 

keeping it short and sweet tonight guys, I hope you all had an awesome weekend! 


Friday, 17 May 2013

eye of the tiger

tiger face dress - h&m
wedge boots -  topshop
chain necklace - new look
watch - michael kors

The title 'pale and windswept' came to mind when I was naming this post... Is it just me or does anyone else feel like red lipstick makes your skin look super duper pale? I've bronzed my face to the max today and yet I look like as white as a ghost! These are the only snaps I managed to take that I don't look completely blown away in, hair + wind = a massive pain! 

I originally bought this amazing dress for my holidays that are coming up, I've got a feeling I'll like it even more when I can wear it with sandals and a real tan. I picked this up in h&m on wednesday for a complete steal of £7.99! Its loose fitting and slightly longer at the back which is definitely a good thing when your tall like me.. and I LOVE the tiger face. 


Wednesday, 15 May 2013

denim dress.

denim dress - h&m 
shirt - primark
boots - asos
necklace - primark
watch - michael kors

hey hey - a quick post to share my outfit that I threw on last night to go and watch my boyfriend play football... the weather was all over the place so I had to layer up some more with my jacket and carry my brolly about all night (true dedication to the cause). I actually made the best decision and changed into my flat boots before I left to avoid slipping and sliding about in the mud. I got this dress down in Birmingham - I was originally on the hunt for a pinafore but when I seen this on a mannequin in h&m I chased a shop assistant around the store until she found the LAST one and it just so happened to be in my size - scooooore. Turns out it was much cheaper than the pinafore I had my heart set on and it fits like a glove :)

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