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Tuesday, 7 May 2013

may day madness #2

wrap top - topshop
skirt shorts - zara
socks - topshop
shoes - topshop
bag - matalan
spike necklace - h&m

allow me to introduce you to my new best friend... the 'skort'! I was a firm believer in skort style as well as 'skouser' (skirt/trouser) style back in my primary school days and as soon as I spotted this blue baby in zara I had to have it/them?...theres not much I don't love about this particular pair, for one, they are my favourite colour in the world - cobalt blue, and two, they fit like an absolute dream. I super recommend them, although I've heard a few horror stories that they are starting to become difficult to get a hold of in zara... if this is the case I recommend taking a leaf out of my book and ordering these dupes from sheinside. I ordered the identical sheinside version in white and I'm sure they will be making a regular appearance in my summer wardrobe.  I'd also like to take a second to appreciate this wrap style top I picked up in topshop, I've been looking for a white button up shirt for a while but when I spotted this wrap front top my button up idea flew out the window... its love.

i decided to stick to the basic white and blue colours for accessories - I got this white studded bag in matalan for something like £6 and i absolutely love it. my next mission is to acquire a bucket load of summer accessories because I've decided my accessory game SUCKS... 



  1. Replies
    1. thanks! followed your blog xx

  2. Kinda tired of these skorts on everyone if we're being honest but I do like the wrap of yours, mixed with the wrap of the shirt. :) Nice idea

    xo Ashley

    1. thanks, they are everywhere but the colour was too good to resist! x

  3. Those heels are to die for!


    1. they are so comfortable too! x

  4. Aww love this you look so lush! I love the 'skort' too it look beaut on you!xoxo

  5. This outfit it amazing, you look so cute and sassy! Love itttt

  6. Those shoes! :O Love'em! :)

    Yinyin xx


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