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Saturday, 28 September 2013

colour block

leather panel top - h&m
skirt - topshop
boots - topshop
handbag - river island
neclace - matalan
watch - michael kors

Black and white is seriously taking over my wardrobe. I've always loved monochrome but with the summer months fading away it seems that every bright piece of clothing I own is going too! I've had this midi skirt for ages, its one of those rare items that I dont think I'll ever tire of. I bought this panel top this week in h&m, I loved the leather look sleeves, sheer material and the oversized fit. It was just a big fat bonus that it was only £12.99 with 20% off (not gonna try work that one out!). 

Anyway, I hope everyones good! I've had a busy couple of days doing productive things like going out, eating out, and shopping. How good is all this student discount flying around at the moment?! Its my last year at uni so of course it's only fair that I take full advantage. 


Monday, 23 September 2013

counting stars

mom jeans - topshop
cami - h&m
sleeveless blazer - boohoo
boots - topshop
watch - miss selfridge
bracelet - tiffany & co

Look who FINALLY bit the bullet and bought some mom jeans.. I did! Its been a long time coming, I had my heart set on these bleached ones and they were always either out of stock in my size or came around at a time when my bank balance said no. I know that I'm about three months late to the party but I am so pleased with these jeans and I'm probably gonna have to buy them in about three more colours before I'm satisfied!


Sunday, 22 September 2013


wrap top - topshop
jeans - river island
boots - h&m
necklace - new look

Hey pretties, I hope you've all had a nice weekend. I'm just back from a meal out with the parents, wearing this super duper monochrome ensemble. I'd been carrying my new bright green bag too, which I added a picture of over on my instagram - username : ailsastron, if your interested ;) - but I forgot to include it in these pictures. Forgive me, Its Sunday and I have a lottt of sleep to be catching up on! 


Thursday, 19 September 2013

no. 6

sweatshirt - asos
jeans - topshop
shoes - boohoo
snapback - h&m

Firstly I have to apologise for the crap quality of photos today, my camera was NOT willing to play ball and they all came out terrible! I've tried to work with what I did get though. 

I loved this ASOS jumper on the website, but when I wear it I feel like it makes me feel all boxy and my shoulders look huge. I like the idea of it so I'm maybe just being paranoid. You may also notice the snapback that I am trying (failing?) to pull off.. I understand that these are definitely not everyones cup of tea but I've seen so many people pull it off so I thought I'd give it a bash! 

I'm off shopping and out for some food with mamastron, hope everyones having a nice day xx


Wednesday, 18 September 2013

on the panel

panel tee - ASOS
boyfriend jeans - ASOS
vans - office
watch - miss selfridge
necklace - new look
sunglasses - ray ban

I've decided to try and post an outfit every day this week, so I apologise that some of them (this one in particular) might be a bit boring. I got this panel tee ages ago in the ASOS sale for about £8 but this is the first time I've ever worn it. Its a nice fit and I like the panelled front, the back is completely sheer which makes it a little different from the other thousand white tshirts I own. I really like these ASOS boyfriend jeans but I don't think I've quite figured out how to wear them properly yet....

PS - meet Reilly,  hes always desperate to get in on the action with the blog pics so today I eventually gave in!


Tuesday, 17 September 2013

summertime sadness

skirt - asos
tshirt - ebay
boots - topshop
necklace - primark
belt - primark
watch - michael kors

Noooooo.. I've finally caved and put on my first pair of tights since about march! Its absolutely freezing, and honestly, it would be probably be unfair for anyone to have to face my natural milk bottle colour.. not to worry though, I wont last more than a few days before clarting myself in fake tan.

Anyway, as you may know I'm a fan of white boxy tshirts and this one seems to stand out to me every time I flick through my wardrobe (link to previous post here). Today I've paired it here with my bargain tartan skirt which was £16 off trusty old ASOS, I like the blue tartan on it in comparison to all the usual red colours that seem to be popping up everywhere.

I also wanted to mention that I'm going to be selling away my life on eBay (again!). I've put a few items up already, so if your interested in taking a peek then here's the link!


Monday, 16 September 2013

wishlist #2

wishlist #2

silver detail belt - h&m | black panel jeans - river island | blue strap back dress - topshop | black ankle boots - h&m | lipstick in 'vegas volt' - MAC | snake print tshirt - river island | grey coat - topshop | black handbag - h&m | mom jeans - topshop | green courts - river island | purple fedora - river island | asymmetric skirt - river island

I wish I had a better excuse for creating this wishlist, but in all honesty I'm just bored and when I'm bored I like to shop online - its as simple as that! A few of these items are 'necessities', such as the grey Topshop coat and the black handbag, which I've convinced myself I need before heading back to uni at the end of the month. Everything else has just caught my eye and if your interested in the reasons I like these things then please do carry on reading :), apologies for the super word heavy post. 

First of all, I've decided to invest in more silver jewellery as all I seem to wear is gold. I know that this wishlist doesn't consist of any jewellery at all but I've picked out some bits and pieces that would match my new silver collection. These h&m boots have silver hardware on the heel, which caught my eye straight away. I'd wear them paired with the h&m silver detail belt and there we have it! The River island leather look skirt is another piece with silver detailing, which I'd like to pair with loose t-shirts and ankle boots.

Secondly, River Island have been right up my street lately and I have the Elle 25% discount card so its only right that I treat myself to some RI pieces. I love love love the colours of both this purple fedora and these green courts, as it's coming into winter I'll probably start drowning myself in blacks and greys so these will be good to add a bit of colour to an otherwise dull outfit. I've been on the hunt for new black jeans with a twist (leather panelling or ripped knees) for ages, and I love the style of these black two tone jeans with the leather look lower half. I'd pair these with the snake print tshirt which I picked out as I like the idea of the attached metal plate instead of jewellery. 

The last few things to mention include these mom jeans which I've had on my wishlist for months and still haven't got round to buying, and this strap back dress from Topshop which I am obviously head over heels for because of the bright cobalt colour. These strap detail dresses seem to be everywhere at the moment and I've already picked up a few from Boohoo but this one is definitely next on the hit list. I've got my hopes up that Topshop will hold a 20% student discount event soon and then I can go mad and buy everything in sight. 

Last but not least, this MAC lipstick in the shade 'vegas volt'. I've seen this colour on a million and one blogs and love it every time. I've bought thousands of coral coloured lipsticks in the hope that they'd match up to this colour but they always seem to disappoint. Us Aberdeen kids have been deprived of a MAC store for all this time, so I never really got the chance to go in and swatch it, but there is finally one opening up in town. I've got a feeling Vegas Volt will be one of many purchases when the store finally opens its doors! 


neon nights

dress - topshop
clutch - matalan
shoes - primark
necklace - new look
watch - miss selfridge
rings - h&m

I've decided to switch it up a little bit and show you guys what I wore on a night out this weekend, I stick to daytime outfits purely because I never get round to taking pictures in my usual state of pre night out madness!

I got this amazing neon orange dress as a late birthday present from my friends and I absolutely love it. The colour is super bright so I was a little worried that my tan would clash and I'd be a ridiculous shade of tangerine all over, but things seemed to work together! I even added my most orange toned lipstick, MAC 'so chaud' which I've finally decided I like (after a year of trying and testing). I decided to use my white clutch and monochrome shoes, as lets face it, any more colour and I was definitely going to blind someone. 

I've got loads of clothes and shoes on order which should be arriving this week, so I'm considering making another 'new purchases' post. Feel free to let me know if that's something you would be interested in seeing more regularly on here! As always I love reading any comments and just want to thank yaalllll for reading my ramblings


Sunday, 15 September 2013

tartan takeover

tartan trousers - zara
mesh cardigan - vero moda
cami top - topshop
necklace - new look
watch - miss selfridge
boots - topshop

I've practically forgotten what it feels like not to have these boots on my feet.. I can definitely forgive myself for the £70 price tag when I consider how often I've used these babies! They seem to go with absolutely everything, including these tartan trousers I picked up from zara this week. I headed to the shops with every intention of fuelling my tartan obsession so as you can imagine I was a little bit excited when I managed to grab the last pair. Every single thing I'm wearing here is from Fridays shopping trip, minus the boots, so I was excited to throw it all on together to create this outfit. 


Saturday, 14 September 2013

vintage flowers

floral top - vintage
skirt - h&m
boots - topshop
blazer - h&m
belt - primark
watch - michael kors
necklace - topshop
hat - new look

I couldn't resist a cheeky bid on this vintage Escada number as soon as I spotted it on ebay, I love the colours and it fits like a dream, the fact that its 100% silk is just an added bonus. I cant deny that its quite a Summer kinda top but teaming it up with my black skirt and black boots seemed like a good way to transition it into Autumn. I've been a little bit hooked on eBay lately, bidding on every tartan or brightly coloured bit of vintage gear I set my eyes on.. there's nothing better than cheap clothes! 

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