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Wednesday, 10 August 2016


So, my latest idea is to fill the blog with all sorts of fashiony type content - meaning you can expect a lil' bit more than just outfit posts. I'm starting off with a bit of a wishlist, which knowing me, will result in loads of posts about endless lists of things I think I can't live without. 

Something I actually can't get enough of right now is denim. Denim dresses, jeans, jackets, skirts, tops - give me them ALL! If you'd asked fifteen year old me how I felt about denim jeans paired with a denim shirt I'd have laughed in your face and probably referenced some kind of terrible outfit my mum dressed in back in her day. Now however, I'm rather keen on a double denim get-up. Here are a few of my current favourites...

TOPSHOP - £65.00

(Image via


(Image via

TOPSHOP - £50.00

(Image via

H&M - £39.99

(Image via

ZARA - £19.99

(Image via

ASOS - £35.00

(Image via


(Image via


(Images via

So, apparently plain old denim jeans don't cut it for me. I am obsessed with the black topshop studded pair, so I'm sure they'll be featured sooner rather than later! I love the denim dresses, I'd wear these with a plain tee underneath and some ankle boots. Embroidered and embellished denim seems to be everywhere just now, the topshop floral jeans are high on my wish list. The River Island coordinated jacket and skirt would be perfect for a festival - but unfortunately I won't be festivalling it up anytime soon. 

Basically - I want it all, Good thing its payday! 


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