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Tuesday, 10 January 2017

2 0 1 7 GOALS.


Okay, so I'm a week late, but surely I'm not the only one who needed the extra 7 days to get my life in order?! 2017 is off to a good start for me, I kicked the year off in London last weekend, started a new job and booked my summer holiday. I know its cliché but I'm all for the 'new year, new me' vibe, so I've put together a few things that I'm gonna work on in 2017 (hopefully writing them all down will make me stick to them too!).


Loads of new clothes means loads of new outfit posts, right? Although number 1 probably doesn't link well with number 2, how am I supposed to save when I have a severe clothing habit to feed?! I'm hoping to improve my blog photography and editing skills, so feel free to send me any tips and tricks you may have! (I use an Olympus Pen EPL7).  Another thing I want to work on blog-wise, is my actual reading content. I'm terrible for just firing up an outfit post and barely saying anything about it, so that is something I want to improve! 


Easier said than done with three holidays to save for, an obsession with expanding my designer handbag collection and a million and one online clothing wishlists! However, I'm gonna do my best. I know everyone says the same at the start of a new year, but I think its a good time to start. I've already committed to saving every £5 note that comes into my possession!  


And no, I don't just mean 'treat yo'self!' although that's definitely a yearly goal! We all say it at the start of a new year but I have high hopes of getting much fitter and shifting a bit of weight while I'm at it. I need to stick at the gym and not fall off the wagon every other month like I usually do! I need to look after my diet a little better, lets be honest my diet is FAR from healthy and I don't go a single day without chocolate. I told everyone my new years resolution was to cut out fizzy drinks on weekdays, but I've failed already. I do drink at least 2 litres of water every day so I guess there is room to make that more! In other areas, I want to look after my skin and make a conscious effort to moisturise my body more, sounds silly but I only look after my face and neglect my poor legs, haha! Any recommendations for amazing body butters or moisturisers - send them my way. 


I've been lucky to travel loads over the last few years, I went backpacking to South East Asia and Australia, and I've also been on a few sunshine holidays too! Like most of us, my life basically revolves around holidays, so I hope to see a few new places this coming year! So far I'm heading to Australia in March, Dublin in June and Las Vegas / Orlando in August. I've been to all of these places before so hopefully 2017 brings some new travel destinations for me too!


I have absolutely no idea what it'll be, but a new hobby sounds like fun! Maybe I'll do a photography course to improve those blog photographs I mentioned before!

Who knows if I'll achieve any or all of these things, but I feel like writing them down might push me that little bit harder! 

Shirt - H&M
Belt - Gucci (I got the mens version)
Bag - Louis Vuitton

So, onto the outfit. How cool is this Zara jacket? Some might say its awesome... HA. The only thing not so awesome about it is how much it needs an iron every time I sit down! The best thing about this plain jane get up is definitely my new Gucci belt - thank you Santa Claus! I've paired it with my wannabe Gucci loafers which are from Office and are one of the comfiest pairs of shoes I own. Notice I'm wearing my fitbit.. I'll have achieved that fitness goal in no time!



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